John Kilburn is an illustrator and academic.

John’s current research promotes sustainability, health and illustration through collaborative and interdisciplinary partnerships.

Projects include:
A Suitcase Full of Eels ( which has brought attention to the critically endangered European eel and has recently been exhibited at the London Wetlands Center, The Dutch Church, The Natural History Museum, London and the European Parliament in Brussels.

Fresh Air World
is a collaboration between a group of artists, historians and health and environmental scientists from the UK, Canada and Africa. The research aims to explore how we can work together to transform global opinions and thinking about air pollution with practical solutions for mitigating the effects of lung disease in specific regions.

As an illustrator, high profile clients include Thames & Hudson, Cappelen Damn and Gestalten. John was a director of Atlantic Press from 2014-2022 who published first time works of authorial illustration.