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The Archipelago. Thames & Hudson.

The Island of Sniggling Tump for Archipelago: An Atlas of Imagined Islands.

Visiting fisherman first gave this peculiar island its name when hunting the local sea life with a Sniggling Stick. A Sniggling Stick is a long pole with a baited hook on the end that can be poked into nooks and crannies when the tide is low. Sniggling is a good way to catch a variety of fish such as eels, gulpers, bulgers and blennies.

Many adventurers have been lost here, lured onto the shore by the squawking harpies or swept up in a hurricane and dashed upon the windy rocks. Scientists come searching for eels, all bar none have vanished, never to be seen again. It is said that the Island’s endemic black berries have particular mystical properties, offering abundant sustenance whilst promoting youthful countenance and contain certain transformative qualities. Anyone eating said berries will be bestowed with long and healthy lives but may suffer grotesque mutations or strange physical malapropisms. ..

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