John Kilburn ︎︎

The Idiotlect Dicktionary
with Michał Kamil Piotrowski

Welcome. We noted there was a need for an introduction, once, before it was lost in the great war of meaning. We invite you to skip the introduction altogether, and while you’re at it, erase the words, divide the sounds, chew and spit the vowels, consonants, recycle.Welcome to the inside. If you’d rather stay outside, close the dicktionary now.Welcome to a soft language. It’s minus ei ght degrees outside and the definitions are a blanket.Welcome to the beginnings of your idiotic travel. Chew and spit.
Welcome to the idiotlect. We are silly and we suggest you stay stupid too.
Welcome to your friendly dicktionary. There are currently twenty-one people reading it. How does it make you feel?
Welcome to a dicktionary that has endnotes at the end like a proper, well-behaved book.
Welcome to a world of omission.